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031307's Journal

13 July 1982
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Renee. 26. California born. Living in Arkansas. Married to Robert. Mommy to Morgan. Music Lover. Movie Lover. Book Lover. Nostalgic.

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Robert and I met in early 2006. He messaged me on MySpace and instead of not replying to his message like I usually would do, I took a chance. And our history began there. We talked online for a few weeks, met at the movies, and then pretty much became inseperable. I moved in with him in late April, after getting back from visiting my mom in Arkansas. I got pregnant in June, but didn't find out until August. We got married in September and have been married since. September 18, 2009 will equal three years. While we have our ups and down and our good days and bad days, we're happy. :)

Morgan Lily Hope was born March 15, 2007 @ 8:57 am, weighing 5lbs.14ozs & measuring 19¾ inches tall. Ever since her birth she's been a complete independent little person. She is our world. And now at 2 years old, she's a little hellion at times, but we wouldn't trade her for the world.

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